June 27, 2006

For the next 15 days, I will be on vacation. Have a good one!


The Alpha Post

June 19, 2006

The blog is unique in the world of communication. Blogs walk a narrow line, at times, swaying into the realm of journal and at other times, serving as a sort of rouge journalism. Blogs discuss the headlines of The New York Times and divulge company secrets. Authors may rant about the stupidity of president Bush, vent about college crushes, or post their life's work. Okay, maybe the last one is a stretch… or at least I hope it is. More than all this, blogs are a source of mutual (though unequal) communication.

I forgot this very important aspect while working on my first attempt at a blog. I began hosting a site that served my thoughts and rantings, taking pride in the complete customization allowed by designing the html by myself. Unfortunately, creating and maintaining forms (and the database associated with them) can be quite a hassle. This lead to static content… a one-way conversation in which I shout and hope someone listens.

That's not the purpose of a blog; at least it's not the purpose of my blog. This blog should serve as a communication tool, one that will not only allow me to share and explain my mind, but more importantly, allow you to do the same. We'll see how that works.