Falling Boy

August 1, 2006

Heather and I began working on a small game titled Falling Boy. Considering the main character spends the entire game falling (if this weren’t true, there’d be a false advertising suit), player mechanics are very simple. We have a small man falling at a remarkably slow rate who just happens to be able to control his horizontal movement. The only goal the player has is to make it to the bottom of the level without smashing into a wall along the way.

Heather’s role on the project largely involves artwork, testing, and some design. So far she’s made the main character’s animations and has worked on a background or two. It’s interesting to work with someone else on a game title; I’ve only done something similar a few times before. Unlike most of my previous work, I’m trying hard to share a lot of the design decisions.

Others have helped before to acquire assets, such as vocal talent (Jimmy Jones in Maze of the Mastermind), art (Dan’s Game) , and programming (Acadapult) but to work with someone on game mechanics is a new experience. Also, since Heather’s never worked on a title before, she’s not familiar with my limitations, often asking for features which I completely ruled out very early in the design. Utilizing her perspective, that of a “casual gamer,” I’ve significantly altered sections of game play (such as hiding over 7/8 of the map at any given time).

I’ve been updating the alpha of Falling Boy almost daily, uploading these files to the CC&C website. Tell me what you think! Falling Boy


New Release

July 25, 2006

Just wanted to let you know CC&C has released MatchCorp. The game is more or less a memory game, but also serves to be somewhat educational as the player must find out (or guess and learn) which company is owned by which corporation. You might be surprised…